“Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods!”

— Robin, Batman (1966)

The above is a priceless ‘Holy…’ quote from the infamous Batman TV series. Now, I have previously written a ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ post; however, the temptation to write another one since the rumours of The Boy Wonder’s appearance in the new film arising, coupled with Joseph Gordon Levitt’s possible casting proved to be too great. Now, I am going to say I think that any appearance by Robin is doubtful. The rumour itself stemmed from the production team scouting a possible location for ‘Robin’s hideout’ this could quite easily be a red herring and there’s nothing really more substantial than that.  Nolan’s camp (WB) has not actually come out to squash the rumour but maybe they’re not even dignifying said rumour with a response. Also, Christian Bale has made it very clear he would walk from the films if Robin was introduced. In all likelihood I don’t think he’ll show up.

The issue with Robin is not his ‘camp-ness’, Robin can be plenty dark. There are reams of comics to show this. Everyone is just hung up on his presentation in the show and the Joel Schumacher films. So there is every possibility that the character could be made to fit the dark realism of the Nolan films. But if we go with Dick Grayson as the original Robin, I think he was 12 or just hitting the teen years when he became the second half of the Dynamic Duo. I cannot see Nolan’s Batman take on an orphaned boy and introduce him to a world of crime-fighting. It does not fly with the Nolan-verse.  So the easy solution would be to age him up a bit? No, that doesn’t work. Whats so great about Dick Grayson is that he has had years of character development that led him to graduate from Robin to Nightwing to eventually Batman [after Bruce Wayne’s death]. His entire reason d’etre has been fully explored through various story arcs. What made grown up Chris O’Donnell so not credible as a Robin was that a seemingly grown man decided to take up the Robin mantel and kick supercriminal butt, just for what, the hell of it? Bruce Wayne, as explored so well with ‘Begins’, goes on journey that leads to him becoming a vigilante. To make a grown up Robin credible you’d need just as much screen time. And this wont happen. At this point people will cry they don’t need backstory! Look at Ras al Ghul or the Scarecrow. Those two characters didn’t have the same public image as Robin and don’t need as much work to shake an ingrained public perception.

But we could have the character of Dick Grayson, no need for him to don some tights and a cape.

I actually cant find a picture of Grayson out of uniform, other than ones when he’s  caught in bed with Starfire. Anyway. We could literally have a Dick Grayson appear in the movie. Is this where Jospeh Gordon Levitt comes in?

Well, maybe. Others have said due to his likeness to Heath Ledger we could be seeing a brief appearance by the Joker. Well I dont think that either. Of course JGL doesn’t actually have to play a character from the comics to have an important role in the movie. Look at Rachel Dawes. I guess we’ll just have to keep speculating and talking (which is what the execs want) until something more concrete is released.

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